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Owner Operator Training Academy, OOTA, founded in 2020, is a radically integrated on job training program. OTTA's motto, “Help those who are willing to help themselves” reflects the conviction of OOTA founder. OOTA's foundations are rooted in the spirit of philanthropy. OOTA welcomes all people to study in a diverse campus setting. OOTA is committed to providing a high-quality education for high-achieving future owner operators with limited financial resources.


OOTA seeks to maintain in its program the entrepreneur's spirit which stresses free inquiry and, in addition to pursuit of knowledge within the trucking career, provides for a broad and deep general education experience which promotes life-long financial growth. OOTA invites students to a campus which is based on the equality of all people regardless of race, class, age, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality. OOTA  expects its students to respect the dignity and rights of all people.


As an important part of training, all OOTA students participate in a work-learning program. Through this program, the program wishes to demonstrate the dignity of labor, accomplish essential  work, and provide students with a means of earning wages to assist with their down payment and personal expenses. Students can expect to earn approximately $14,000 during the 2-month academic on- job training program.  

OOTA is located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, a small community of approximately 32,000 residents, located 23 miles west of Chicago, Illinois. The temperature ranges from 15 to 32 degrees Celsius, 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit  (15 to 32 degrees Celsius) in the summer and 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (-6 to 4 degrees Celsius) in the winter, although at times it gets colder. 

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