Frequently asked questions

Who should apply?

Owner Operator Training Academy encourages applications from students who: • do not yet have their own semi tractor; • do not have dependents or are married. • meet program entrance requirements; • are able to present outstanding driving skills; • are able to incorporate academics into daily business procedures; • are professionally certified with 12 months of over-the-road tractor trailer experience .• are fluent in the English language, both oral and written; • are interested in living and learning in an environment that stresses the equality and kinship of all people regardless of race, class, age, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality;

What is required to be consider?

In order to be considered for admission, a completed application packet must be received in the Owner Operator Training Academy Office of Admissions no later than 5:00 p.m. (Central Time) October 15, 2020.

What if I submit missing documents separately from the application packet?

Any document(s) received separately from the application packet will be discarded and could make you ineligible for admission.

May I submit my application electronically or via fax?

Yes. Applications for admission for students can be submitted using an on-line form or by e-mail. Also, you may fax your application to 1-888-777-6723

Who will review my application at Owner Operator Training Academy?

Admission decisions are made by a special committee that meets monthly for the sole purpose of making admission decisions. All decisions of this committee are final.

When can I expect to hear from Owner Operator Training Academy regarding my application for admission?

Once an application packet has been processed, a confirmation email will be sent to the applicant. All applicants will receive an update on their application no later than the 15th of the proceeding month.

Will my application and accompanying documents be returned to me if I am not admitted?

No. It is our policy to not return any documents to applicants. Please submit notarized copies of irreplaceable documents rather than originals.

Will I get paid to attend Owner Operator Training Academy?

We have dedicated a flat weekly pay rate of $1,800 to each driver for their 2 months of training. Once the 2 months are over, we have secured a position that will establish your future success.

What is Prerequisite Week?

Our program consists of 1 week (unpaid) of training on the topics of schedule maintenance, cash flow, mitigating break downs, and development of business goals and forecasting. After our students pass the first week’s exam, they are placed into one of our company trucks for 2 months (paid) to ensure that they are capable of maintaining our trucks and thus their own trucks. Although our students are not responsible for the cost of maintenance at this time, they are responsible for speaking with an instructor on the best cost savings solution for optimal business functioning.

How should I mail my application packet?

No. Please email all application components to

What is the cost to attend Owner Operator Training Academy?

Absolutely free once you are accepted into our program.

Who are responsible for my transportation to OOTA for Prerequisite Week?

OOTA will provide transportation to the training office and online daily.

Is Owner Operator Training Academy an accredited school?

Although Owner Operator Training Academy is not an accredited school, the companies we've partnered with solidifies our expertise and ensure an avenue of success for our graduates.