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What is the Fleet Owner Training Academy?

Fleet Owner Training Academy is an integrated apprenticeship program that admits:


1. Owner Operator to Fleet Owner (OO-FO)

2. Non-CDL Truck Investor to Fleet Owner (NTI-FO)

3. Ultimate Fleet Management Solution (UFMS) 

Each of these program options are based on our

Owner Operator Training Academy's Platform. 


Owner Operator Training Academy, OOTA, is an integrated apprenticeship program that admits drivers who have 1+ years of clean tractor trailer experience. OOTA educates our apprentices on the foundation of business development, and instills in our apprentices advanced driving and maintenance strategies. OOTA is a collaborative effort between the "off-the-truck" instructors and apprentices to demonstrate our methods of maintaining a solo independent truck operation. We're not just offering a job, but an opportunity to learn the skills needed as the operational foundation for a future of learning, development, and success. We know our program is unique and stands as a beacon of change in trucking space.

To learn what separates OOTA From other trucking companies.

Please download our PDF:

Click the PDF icon to download OOTA's capability statement.

Owner Operator to Fleet Owner Training (OO-FO)

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Most of our fleet owners are recent graduates of the Owner Operator Training Academy, who are looking to become fleet owners are invited to join our master level training fleet training. We are adding the multi-truck management and human resources aspect to the OOBC.

Non-CDL Truck Investor to Fleet Owner (NTI-FO)

Investing into an industry with limited knowledge can be a daunting task. That's why we took additional steps in educating our NTI to become the best  FO's possible. 

Here is what we offer our NTI-FO

Each driver goes through an extensive vetting process to ensure that they are a right fit for the OOTA program. Our investigation includes:


  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR),

  • Pre Employment Screening Program (PSP)

  • Background Check

  • Employment Verification

  • Federal DOT Drug Test

  • Driving Test

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Zero Trust Architecture 

  • 2-Step Verification to Access and Start Vehicle

  • Dynamic Speed Limiter

  • Remote Security Vehicle Shutdown Capable

  • Encrypted Mobile Device Management

  • Remote Engine Diagnostics

  • Forced Regen Device Onboard


Artificial Intelligence Dash Cameras 

Our dash camera greatly limit liability by providing accurate information on road conditions, actions take by the operator, and the actions taken by the surrounding drivers.

Each OOTA's driver are provided with a weekly scorecard of driving ability. 

However we do know, that no matter what we say, sometimes drivers may misbehave. 

In the event that our driver is driving dangerously, the AI system sends a warning to our safety department and the driver is immediately notified. 

If driver for whatever reason is not being compliant after third attempt in 1 hour, we will notify the driver of our forced vehicle accelerator shutdown and proceed to activate operation recovery. 


Financial Reports

Understanding your fleet's Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) is paramount to developing a financially healthy and sustainable operation. We provide all the data needed to know how quickly you are able to grow your fleet at a risk level specified to your tolerance.



Ultimate Fleet Management Solution is an investor's dream. The entire enterprise works together as one big symphonic piece of machinery for development and implementation of your operations. We focus on putting your assets to work, and you focus on reinvesting your earnings into purchasing more trucks (streams of income). It's a win-win model.


UFMS serves as the apex of our operations and the beginnings of your Happy Ending. Congratulations in advance, you've worked your butt off!

Join The Team of Fleet Owners

Be the Difference in Your Community.

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